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We've published a few items about infection control and HAI's recently, and with HAI's accounting for $33 billion annually in additional -- and avoidable -- medical costs, the topic is always relevant.  So here are some additional thoughts sourced from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

In conjunction with its mission to "create a safer world through prevention of infection" and in observance of this year's International Infection Prevention Week, October 16-22, APIC has published its "Break the Chain of Infection" poster shown here. 

 The chain metaphor depicts six links that promote the spread of infection and provides brief reminders about how the chain of infection can be broken at each of the links.  The metaphorical links, or points where infection can be stopped, are,

  • Infectious agent: the pathogen that causes a disease
  • Reservoir: where the pathogen resides in the environment
  • Portal of exit: how the pathogen leaves the reservoir
  • Mode of transmission: how the pathogen moves from place to place
  • Portal of entry: how the pathogen enters a new host
  • Susceptible host: any vulnerable person

The poster can be downloaded from the APIC website at  APIC also invites you to visit them at for more information and teaching/training aids to prevent the spread of infection.

Paris has a stake in this topic because of our prominence as a supplier of healthcare linen management services and as a Healthcare Laundry Accreditation (HLAC) certified laundry.  In our August 25, 2016 post, you can read more about the role HLAC plays in assuring the hygienic cleanliness and safety of healthcare linens and what HLAC-certified laundries do to remove healthcare linens from the chain of infection.



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