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Visiting a potential healthcare laundry is a must.  This checklist will help you get started.  Full details for a thorough evaluation can be found in the current edition of HLAC's "Accreditation Standards for Processing Reusable Textiles for Use in Healthcare Facilities," available at

  • Is the building designed to prevent cross contamination and protect the integrity of the clean textiles?
  • Are there policies and procedures in place for cleaning the plant and equipment and is everything clean?
  • Are policies in place for waste management and how is waste handled?
  • Is the provider in compliance with all environmental regulations?
  • What are the backup plans to assure uninterupted service?
  • Are preventive maintenance and maintenance activities carried out and documented?
  • Does the company culture demonstrate a focus on patient safety and customer service?
  • Is there documentation of job descriptions, personnel qualifications and training?
  • Are there policies and procedures in place to prevent clean textiles from being exposed to sick personnel?
  • Is informational signage prevelant and does it contribute to a safe work environment?
  • Are there policies and procedures in place for dealing with personnel hazards of all types?
  • What hand-washing and hand-hygiene procedures are followed?
  • Is personnel protective equipment appropriate and being used where needed?
  • Are occupational safety and health programs in effect?
  • Is effective continuing education and training provided and is it documented?
  • If surgical pack assembly is done, are policies and procedures for their heightened cleanliness in place?
  • Is soiled linen handling done in accordance with all relevant regulations?  Are appropriate precautions in place?
  • Is the separated processing of clean and soiled textiles ensured?
  • Are cart cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place and being followed?  Is cleaning effective?
  • Are procedures in place for handling and disposition of sharps?
  • Verify that wash processes are suitable and that textiles will become hygienically clean.
  • Assure understanding of drying, finishing, packaging, storage, and transportation processes and that the integrity of the clean textiles is maintained.
(See our April 12, 2016 posting for additional insight.)

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